Jamie Merisotis the author of “America Needs Talent” is a worldwide recognized philanthropist and a leader in public policy and higher education. With the high rate of inequality and falling wages, unemployment, poor school systems, and increased crime rate, Jamie Merisotis justifies why nurturing talents is the escape plan to ushering in a new era of success and invention. He has emphasized that the private sector, the government, and individuals must make calculated choices to grow American talent. He recommends heroic ideas to foster talents across America from changing immigration codes to transforming higher education and enabling innovation in the private sector. He goes ahead to clarify how the political and educational developments of 2015 increased the need to tap new talents and how worldwide initiatives and competition has brought people closer to their objectives. Nurturing talents by creating and establishing the next thinkers who will propel America’s Knowledge ahead in this century. Talent is a skill or a gift that can benefit someone in one way or another. It is so much more than a natural skill. The mastery of a particular area that gives it essence is talent. It originates from beliefs of knowledge, private satisfaction, values, and serving others.

Jamie Merisotis highlights that wisdom, technique, and skills represent the important cognitive measurements of talent. Knowledge is the realization in a specific subject issue like; humanities, math, and science. Some skills help individuals to crack problems and pick up new knowledge. American Needs Talent brings out a persuading debate for change in the American educational process, and how the development of skills is nurtured and approached. The separation of the workforce and keeping of analyses and undisputed opinions of education is unproductive. The idea of mixing these concepts in the book is elaborated. Aspects such as government operations and immigration laws are instilled with a lot of judgment. Merisotis’s comments are unique, resourceful, and new, making them a big X factor in the development of the economy and the future of American education.

Jamie Merisotis defines the logical and big concepts in his book pointing out what our nation can change for it to be a capable and strong country. It can do this by strengthening its powerful ways directing it to talents that lead to the success of the nation and individuals. He goes ahead, to sum up, notions and understandings deeming; committing the private sector differently to tap into new talent, allowing the alignment and cooperation of federal government to stimulate and aid talent growth in many significant ways, the modification of the secondary education system, encouraging immigration to discover new talents worldwide, especially those that want to experience the American dream. This promotes the urban region’s economy to become talent centers encouraging people to work in unity to develop human potential.